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Well now.. this is something new to look forward to :)
A new CW series featuring Shiri Appleby. I’ve always been a Roswell fan so a new series from her is one I’ll definitely watch. And the story seems interesting, and the trailer raised my anticipation even higher.


I am.

I’m a Jun-bait. (definition: a phenomenon where a person gets hooked on Arashi through one of MatsuJun’s dramas)

He’s fascinating.  He’s cool.   He’s talented.  What!?!

And I’ll forever be grateful to him for introducing me to the world of Arashi =)

sassy4.jpgThis drama has given me hope that there is life after “My Girl” =) Thank goodness for that!

It’s the usual story of an arrogant, rich guy meeting a pretty, intelligent poor girl. They meet –> hate each other –> forced to stay together –> fall in love –> face obstacles –> live happily ever after. What makes it interesting was how the story was told.

Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang met and got married when they were high schoolers. Mong-ryong is a problem child of a police chief who always gets in trouble, while Chun-hyang is a studious and responsible girl of a cabaret singer. Due to some unexpected happenings, they had to get married to avoid a scandal but agreed to only stay married until end of high school then decide to go on their separate ways. Their life together were full of bickerings but through it all, they’ve grown to regard each other as friends. While together, Chun-hyang did her best to be a good influence to Mong-ryong, even helping him get accepted to a very prestigious school. The pair got accepted to the same college but Chun-hyang, being strapped for cash was unable to go. Since she didn’t want Mong-ryong and his family to feel obligated to fund her studies, she pretended wanting a break-up, then promptly disappeared.

Those scenes where she’s trying to say goodbye to Mong-ryong and his family was so heart-breaking =( Watching her pretend to be happy while giving up on her dream of going to college, leaving the comfort of her new family, and Mong-ryong whom she’s grown to love is so sad. I wanted to yell out, “just tell them already!” but then, the story would have ended at episode 4. =)

College time is where we see Mong-ryong actually grow up. Not exactly mature, but he figured out what (or who) he wants. And once he figured it out, he pursues with such persistence, you can’t help but root for him. No matter how underhanded and childishly he does it. Mong-ryong, swallowing his arrogance, all for his love for Chun-hyang is also very endearing. It’s probably the girl in me, but how can you not love a man who’s willing to do anything for the girl he loves? **sigh**

sassy1.jpgBut like in any korean drama, there is always the element of the love square in the form of Mong-ryong’s childhood love (Chae-rin) and Chun-hyang’s admirer (Hak-do). These two kept on throwing obstacles between the two that it took them almost 10 years before they finally had their HEA. Imagine, the story span is more or less 10 years, but I never got bored. The transitions where done beautifully, I never felt the jump in years to be unrealistic.

The wedding scene in the finale is so beautifully done. They’ve intertwined the wedding vows being exchanged by the old era and present Mong-ryong and Chun-hyang. They have made a promise of being together forever, until the next life. While watching it, it makes you feel that the vows made by the present “them” is a fulfillment their promise and fate has brought them together again. It’s sweet, and makes you feel that on another lifetime, it’ll be them again.

I think I’ve gushed enough, I’ll just put the rest in bullet-points:

  • Stand-out cry-out-loud scenes for me is where Mong-ryong got so drunk and passed out, and Chun-hyang crying beside him.
  • Mong-ryong on recognizing his one true love. After they got divorced, he was never interested in falling in love again.
  • I was so proud to see Mong-ryong succeed in life as a prosecutor. And even as a prosecutor, he never lost his arrogance. It made more appealing, with the bad boy/no-fear aura ;p
  • At the end of the drama, I was thinking back on where the story started and what happened in between and it made me feel nostalgic. To think that I finished the story in four days, but I felt that I went through their roller-coaster ride with them. I think that reflects on how good the story-telling was.
  • The old era spoofs are an icebreaker to all the drama.
  • They made a spoof on other dramas! That was funny =) It would have been funnier for me if I’m familiar with the dramas that were spoofed. I only recognized Full House, I think.
  • The action sequences are very well executed. I’m a chick flick girl but I especially liked the action here. Dunno why.
  • Mong-ryong’s dad here is the sleazy looking uncle in My Girl. It’s such a big contrast for me because I hated him in My Girl, but I adore him here. He’s so self-righteous but endearing at the same time. And no matter how hard he is on Mong-ryong, you would understand that it is all because he loves his son very much.
  • Seeing a happy ending for Dan-hee and Ji-Hyuk is quite satisfying. Though I don’t care much for Dan-hee, I’m happy to see Ji-Hyuk happy and successful in the end.

All-in-all, a very nice drama to watch. Now I feel guilty that I’ve done such a detailed review here and I didn’t do it for my all time favorite. I now have an excuse to watch “My Girl” again and do a full recap =D

Dangyunhaji is my favorite portion in Xman ‘coz this is where all witty one-liners come out. The opponents can try any trick to render the other speechless. It usually turns dirty as each try to outwit each other.For me, this episode is one of their best. Eric and YEH went down the romantic route that had everybody hanging onto their every word and most, rolling on the floor =) I could be biased, of course =)

Oh the drama! And the flirting! But the best were side commentaries and reactions which had me laughing out loud several times, it made me look demented. The MCs got so involved, they were jumping about and falling all over the place. And the others are behind MC Yoo waiting for the next line. I felt like I was sitting with them watching a very cheesy love drama =)

I can’t count how many times I’ve watched these clips on YouTube. I never get tired of watching them and the MCs are sooo hilarious!

Xman is a Korean game show where celebrities compete against each other to win “missions”. My favorite set of Xman episodes are those of where Yoon Eun Hye and Eric Mun interact. These two have so much chemistry, you can’t help but grin at all their “kilig” moments. I try and restrain myself from watching it in office where lots of people can see me. Otherwise, they’ll think I’m crazy for smiling like an idiot.

Well, here I am.. sharing the love! =)

Xman #20 — The Beginning

Where the caramel scandal started. Eric’s so handsome when he laughs, and Eun Hye’s adorable with her obvious crush. =) She keeps on blushing. And I keep on grinning. Ahh fool, me.

Side note: Ooohh.. MinWoo’s so jealous! ;p

Coming up next, “The Prequel to a Triangle”

Not exactly an original topic but after watching a couple of korean dramas, I felt I have to make a list of my own.

So what makes a korean drama?

  • the two main characters hates each others guts in the first part of the series
  • somehow, they end up drafting a contract that would require them to be a pretend couple, or have an arranged / force marriage
  • rich guy – poor girl combination
  • there’s always a love square
  • there will be a karaoke mention / scene
  • there will be a soju drinking session
  • a piggyback ride is a must
  • a sudden u-turn while driving
  • the supporting actor is the caring, thoughtful, supportive guy that would make you root for him instead of the main lead.
  • while the main actor is arrogant, rude, selfish, self-absorbed, etc. Until he slowly changes ‘coz of the main actress’ influence.
  • one of the main lead gets fever / cold /cough
  • out of town scene (either vacation or visiting friends or business trip, etc.)
  • hand-grabbing scene –> girl walks away, guy grabs girls hand, two stare at each other, if they’re lucky, they kiss =)
  • the uncomfortable elevator scene..
  • running around airports / bus terminals but they end up missing each other

Soooo long. But I’ll probably add on to it later on. I’m sure I missed a few more things =)

Well.. this is not really tv, but how cares.. it’s my blog =)

I’ve a new obsession. How can one be so obsessed with a book? Probably because the characters in the book are a collection of damaged vampires?

Can I choose which of the brothers fascinate me most…




Butch..??? hehehe.. I wonder after all the fascinating names given to the brothers, the best name the author can think of for the human cop is Butch…

Living outside U.S. is a big disadavantage if you’re addicted to American TV.
It’s even more of a disadvantage if you live in Singapore where downloading eps can get you thrown into jail.

So for me, I rely on forum discussions on those TV shows and my imagination… that is until clips get uploaded on youtube, my new best friend =)

Best website to get intelligent and witty discussions would be on televisionwithoutpity. Try it, you’ll get addicted.

A lot of people was not satisfied that Rory’s reason for being upset about the wedding was because she wasn’t there to see it.

I found it believable. My initial reaction when I found out Lorelai eloped was disappointment for Rory. Rory should be there to see her parent’s getting hitched. She can be upset about other things, but the main reason should be because she wasn’t there. Getting married is a big thing. And knowing how close they are, they should be together in that big moment.

Just my 2cents.

Ok. Here’s my list of heart-stopping, breath-hitching, heart jump up your throat tv moments. Mostly, scenes from my favorite couples.

1. Logan Echolls & Veronica Mars (Weapons of Class Destruction)

Nepture Grand scene – started with a ‘thank you for saving me’ peck on the cheek.. that turned into a 360 degree view of a full-blown make out scene!

I got me transfixed.. then after that scene, had to rewind back and watch again.. and again.. and again.. I switch on the sound, switch it off, on again.. I was totally captivated.

2. Ryan Atwood & Taylor Townsend (Metamorphosis)

It’s all supposed to be pretend. But I can totally understand Taylor when she fell for that kiss.

Scene: She was pleading with her husband’s divorce lawyer to grant her the divorce. Suddenly, Ryan comes in pretending to be her lover and plants the sweetest kiss on her. To complete the moment, Ryan taps her nose twice after the kiss before letting her go.

**sigh** Won’t get tired of watching that one. Taylor’s expression after mirrors what I felt after watching them.

So now, I’m obsessed.

oc_big.jpgHeh!Season 1 of the OC was one of the best tv show of all time. There is the adorkable Seth, the bitchy Summer and the tortured soul Ryan. (I’ll just leave out wooden Marissa if you don’t mind).Also, there are the best ‘rents ever, Sandy and Kirsten.Season 2 gave us a whiny Cohen, an alcoholic Kirsten, an almost adulterous Sandy and Ryan’s drama got tiring. Though, Summer’s still cool.Season 3 I wouldn’t know. I’ve stopped watching. Though I know they killed of the wood at season finale. Which lured me back to watching season 4.And my show’s back! Wow! I’ve no complaints yet so far. And I’m back to being totally in love with it again.Seth’s back to being adorable. Dorky? not so much.Summer’s still cool.Ryan started off being the tortured soul still (bleh!) But him in a wifebeater? No complaints here =)Sandy and Kirsten’s back to being the best tv parents!Julie and mini-Julie.. most believable mother-daughter tandem.And.. Taylor! How can I say this without gushing! I love her! Best character in a long, long time!Welcome back O.C.!

1. Jack Bristow (Alias)

Spy Daddy!

2. Lionel Luthor (Smallville)

3. Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

4. Sark (Alias)

1. Veronica Mars (Veronica Mars)

2. Sydney Bristow (Alias)

3. Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)

4. Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

1. Logan Echolls (Veronica Mars)

There’s something about bad boys… =) Can’t stay away from them..

2. Landon Carter (A Walk to Remember)

The boyfriend that only exists in dreams. The boy that would make all our wishes in your wish list come true.

3. Lucas Scott (One Tree Hill)

They say never fall in love with your best friend… But if your Haley and your best friend is Lucas Scott, why the hell not?

4. Daniel Meade (Ugly Betty)

(1) Rich; (2) Gorgeous; who cares if he’s immature? He’ll grow up eventually.. when he’s 50? =)
Anyway, there are glimpses of a great guy underneath all those childishness..

5. Jon Stewart

Huh?!? What! He’s wickedly sarcastic, intelligent and not bad to look at. You’ll never run out of things to talk about =)

well.. my one tree hill obsession is back..
I don’t know why.. Just suddenly, I have this picture of Lucas Scott’s famous squint and I’m obsessed again..

I couldn’t be pregnant again, right? The last time I was like this was when I was pregnant with our baby boy. Not a bad idea to be obsessed with them at that time, our baby turned out as gorgeous as the two Scott boys. =D

One of the most intelligent shows I’ve watched in a long time. The attention to detail is remarkable. The story for each episode are all fascinating. And the character growth of the main characters are sooo great!

I’m really obsessed with this show. And I’m sooo obsessed with Logan Echolls’ character. Initially, he’s the typical out-of-the-box jackass you normally see on any show. Then he became the character you really love to hate. Then the onion of the show, the one with all the layers to it. Then you’d start feeling sorry for him, then love him, then back to not understanding his motivations, then back to liking him. Well.. he’s a very complex character. It also helps that the actor playing Logan is one hell of an actor.

As I’ve said… I’m obsessed with Logan Echolls. =)

Though it’s not just him that made Veronica Mars one of the greatest shows this season. It’s everything about this show, the storyline, the acting, the twists-and-turns. It’s just written so intelligently. I’m just so in love with this show. I’m sure if you watch it you’ll agree with me. =)

One of my favorite tv shows. I can’t get enough of the dialogue. All interactions are just so witty and fast and it has all these pop-culture references. It’s a challenge to see if I can identify the shout-outs they put in the show.

Love how quirky Lorelai is and how grounded Rory is. Their mother-daughter combination is inspiring. I hope to have that same type of open relationship with my kid when he (they) grow up.

One guilty pleasure of mine. There’s not much depth to the stories and most of the situations are unbelievable, but what can I say… there’s just too much eye candy there =) Nathan Scott is one gorgeous boy.. hehehe…