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It is the week of the secondary characters. I felt so sad for Shin-woo with his fantasy love for Go Mi-nyeo. And the actor playing Shin-woo managed to convey his heartache without going over the top.
And Jeremy.. our adorable Jeremy. I felt so bad for him that his love cannot be reciprocated. He is so straightforward with everything, even his pain he’s not able to hide it. When he was in the magic bus and he sang that supposedly happy song, I wanted to cry along with him. Hongki did so well in this scene, I think I’ll be an FT Island fan soon :)

And lastly, a glimpse of the real Go Mi-nam! He looks like a naughty little guy with that smirk. I wish we’d seen him sooner. He looks interesting.

I haven’t watched yet, but since I’m addicted, I’ve already read the wonderful recap of my YB crack supplier, javabeans. Thanks, JB!

I just have to say, the last line of this epi makes me sooo happy, I can’t stop grinning.

Mi-nyeo: “Please act as though you don’t know. I won’t look anymore.”
Tae-kyung: “Don’t stop looking. You can’t quit of your own accord. Keep looking at me! Like you are now, keep looking only at me!”

I got goosebumps with this line.. what a way for Tae-kyung to finally admit his feelings. That’s the sweetest way of saying, “will you be my girlfriend?”

Finally! After several failed attempts, Shin-woo got the perfect timing! :)
He got to be the white knight to save the damsel in distress. And in such a grand way!

And I’m so glad Jeremy is now in on the secret. I felt so bad for him for being so confused of his feelings for Go Mi-nam. And it’s nice that he’s accepted he likes her even before knowing that she’s a girl.

Tae-kyung.. what can I say? You are my new TV boyfriend (hee). No matter how abrasive your exterior is, it cannot hide your softie insides :)

And for the Tae-kyung and Mi-nam pair.. these two are the densest people I’ve seen (but in an adorable way). The past episodes are so full of love confessions from each other but they can’t clue in on the signs! But it’s still very sweet and squee-worthy.

Next epi.. pls-pls come soon. I can’t wait! This is my new kdrama-crack :D

Whooo! So much angst!
A hurting Mi-nam..
A jealous Tae-kyung..
A martyred Shin-woo..
And the sweet Jeremy..
I am soo in love with this series <3

I wonder how long before Tae-kyung admits to himself the he's in lurve :D
Of course before the HEA, there will be the requisite happy and lovey-dovey moments between Shin-woo and Mi-nam.. Just to force Tae-kyung to take action.
Will Jeremy ever get his chance?
And how on earth will they be able to pass Mi-nam as a boy with that voice??

But I’m willing to let it slide. I love her voice. And I’m totally in love with this drama :D

Edited to add:
Oh-oh-oh.. how could I forget.. “No matter how many other stars there are, all I can see is the moon.” (with him referring to Mi-nam as the moon) Kyaaa!!!

Just a day after finishing the drama, I’m already missing Gang Taebong.

I really can’t tell what makes a drama good for me but this one is.

Dal Ja’s Spring is a story of a 33-year old single lady (of course considered almost a spinster in any drama).  She’s successful in her career and satisfied with her life, except that, by some antiquated standard.. she’s not supposed to feel complete ‘coz she’s not married.  She’s a romantic at heart and dreams of the perfect loves and prince charmings.

On the other end is Taebong. 26-year old and world-wise, esp. when it comes to women and romancing them.  The two met, and as per typical drama, they have an arrangement of Taebong being the pretend boyfriend in exchange for a fee.  Of course, the two fell in love eventually, but have hurdles to overcome — yadda, yadda, yadda… Don’t want to go into the details of the story itself.  I think the plot is predictable, but again, the execution and, I think, the rapport and delivery of the main characters is what made this drama engaging.

I love Gang Taebong.  I love that eventhough Dal Ja is 6-yrs older, he’s the more mature one in the relationship.  But  what puzzles me about Taebong is no matter how great a smooth-talker he is and how often he coaches Dal Ja on how a girl should react to a certain love situation, when it comes to applying it himself, he doesn’t seem to get it.  He knows what goes on inside a woman’s head but the simplest things, he overlooks.  Like, him and Dal Ja reaching a certain level of seriousness in their relationship, but he still hasn’t said “I love you to her”.  He shows it in his actions, but he should know that a girl needs to hear the words.

And when he hasn’t told Dal Ja that when he went back to his law firm, he’ll be working with his ex-gf that Dal Ja’s insecure about.  And that the case he’s working on is related to her company.  It’s not like she’ll never find out.  He just let Dal Ja find out about it with the rest of her office collegues.  1 simple rule I think in a relationship is if it involves an ex, tell your girl ASAP.  And don’t let her find out by accident or along with others.  It just raises the insecurity factor.

Well.. at least his flaws made the drama more interesting :)

Now, on to the aesthetics part :)   Lee Min-Ki as Taebong is such an eye candy.  Hee!  And for an aspiring artist (that can’t draw) like myself, the illustrations on every episode is a feast to my eye.  I simply love it.




Oh, and just to add.. the antagonists here are irritating and freaky.


Man, this is one serious movie.  And I never expected it when I bought this DVD.  I thought it’s a light and fluffy about friends bonding together and pursuing their dreams.

Yes, it is a story about 4 friends, all aspiring artists and have dreams of succeeding in their craft.  The four are  Eisuke (the manga artist), Ryuzo (the novelist), Shoichi (the singer/songwriter), and Kei (the oil painter).  This group believes that if only they can really focus on their art without worrying about other aspects of life (i.e. money, food, rent), they’ll achieve their goal and gain the freedom in “doing what you please, as you please”.  Thus, starts their summer journey where they learn the facts of life.

What made this movie special is the message it wants to impart is so real and true.  I may be a cynic speaking but, although you may have dreams of what you want your life to be, life may have different plans for you.  You may want to live life doing what you want and not take day jobs, but reality is, you’d have to eat, pay rent.. survive.

The movie is actually not a deep drama where you cry.  It doesn’t have any complex themes.  It’s like a subdued narration of life.   So somehow, it makes you think about your own life story after watching it.

Acting-wise, again, the characters are played by all 5 of the arashi members.  Eisuke is played by Ninomiya.  He’s starting to get my attention with his acting.  He’s good at portraying Eisuke, the idealistic manga artist, with a dying mother and 3 tag-alongs to care for.  Sakurai Sho’s delivery is a vast improvement from the Yamada Taro series and he’s actually quite believable as a bum novelist.  Actually, the other two are quite good as well (Ohno – the painter, Aiba – the singer).  Jun Matsumoto is more of just an extra in the movie, and I found his delivery more on the over-eager side (or it could be, that was how the character is supposed to be).  Overall, I’m quite impressed.

The atmosphere set by the film is also something to take notice of.  Some may find it dull, with the lack of flashy scenes and complicated sets, but it blends well with the story.  It’s a simple, quiet film.  And in it’s silence, it somehow makes the sadness of story resonate more.

This movie is also a goldmine of quotable quotes.  I’d have to jot a few of them down here.

“freedom is doing what you please, as you please” – Kei.  Straight for the mouth of the naive, I would say. =)

“starving is part of being an artist.  It adds to the experience.” – Ryuzo.  Words of a bum.

“no point in being lonely together.  Isn’t it easier to be lonely alone?” – Tokei.  Hmm.. Come to think of it, yes, she’s got a point there.

“how ironic that our season of doing what we please has caused us to abandon just that.” – Kei.  That reflection is kinda bittersweet.  The end of the summer is like a coming of age to them.  Reality has set in.

“In the face of my life, all I can do is panic
such is my useless and pathetic youth
Now, what we acquire along with our first wrinkle, is our trust in life
this consent and this smile, which says,
‘Friend, I know all about you.’
Looking back we will learn,
Life never deceives man. Life… has never deceived man” – Kei, quoting a French poet, Ryuzo.  It’s quite deep.  No matter how many times I read these lines, I come up with new reflection on it.  Yep, life has never deceived man.

New TW drama for me.  I actually haven’t finished it yet, but better to write my thoughts now before I forget them.

Premise is good.  Different from usual scenario where the villain/s are all vying for money and power.  In this case, the four dukes are all refusing to be the successor of a very large empire.

The heroine is not a cry-baby.  Not really having a lot of problems with people really.  Her obstacles are more of situations…

They had their happy ending in the middle of the series, so you know there is still something to come.

I really liked it until it has reached the latter part.  The grandpa and his loyal butler has suddenly become a caricature.   The scenes became so silly, I started fast-forwarding through them.  I think they meant it to be over-the-top silly.. but really, I felt like I was watching a very bad comedy.

Of course, the person that catches my eye is the secondary character.  I’m always a sucker for guys that are charming and attentive, which is what Cui is.  =)

Yes I know. I’m guilty of posting only online test results and so on. Whatever happened to the tv drama reviews. We’ll, I’ve been so busy watching Arashi TV shows, concerts and just plainly being obsessed with the group that I haven’t touched any of my drama. My to-be-watched list have been piling up =(

Anyway, I’ll be watching “Romantic Princess” soon. It’s a taiwanese drama with Wu Chun as lead. Hmm, why is this on my priority list? Primarily because my copy was just borrowed from a friend. Don’t want it to look like I’m never gonna return it, so might as well watch it already.

Ahh… yes, I watched a drama. It was so forgettable I forgot all about it. “The Prince Turned into a Frog”. A taiwanese drama also. It’s not really bad. I actually liked the initial parts. Problem is, I just found the main guy to be too baby-faced. And he’s supposed to be a CEO or something of a very big company. And he’s supposed to be a meanie. But he looks like a high school kid. A pretty boy, mama’s boy -looking high school kid. So, yes, didn’t enjoy it much.

What more, I got disoriented with the story I think 1 or 2 episodes prior to the finale. Throughout the story, this guy, a recovered amnesiac cannot recall anything about this girl he supposedly loves. He hates her actually. Then suddenly, he’s proposing and asking for another chance, etc. An I was like, “huh?! did I miss an episode?”

O well.. until next time

Last week I’ve finished watching Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2. I finally gave in and watched. Initially, I didn’t want to because I can’t help but compare the actors playing in HYD with those in Meteor Garden. The HYD actors are just not appealing. But surprise! They grow on you =) So much that I am now obsessed with Matsumoto Jun (Doumyouji)

Ok.. before I get sidetracked with my gushing (I’ll do it on some other post), I’ll talk about HYD first.

Being an MG viewer first, it’s impossible for me to watch HYD without making comparisons. One standout item in HYD is it is super fast-paced! Imagine season 1 having 9 eps and 2 with 11 eps. On the plus side, being fast-paced meant I never got bored. There were no dragging parts compared to MG where there are fillers every episode. On the down side, I felt like character and relationship build up are lacking.

Definitely, MG trumps the HYD actors in conventional good looks department. But as mentioned earlier, they grew on me. I think because I managed to get past the superficial layer (really?!?) and focus on their delivery instead. Esp. Matsomoto Jun (here we go….)

I liked Doumyouji in this version. Although he doesn’t fit the description physically, he got the character down to pat. First look you would think, “is this the guy whose supposed to be violent and mean? But he’s such a stick!” But he totally had me seeing Doumyouji not only as mean and cruel but that he can be kind and reliable also. And his swagger screams arrogance and self-confidence.


Inoue Mao as Makino Tsukushi is also a perfect for the role I think. She’s not overly gorgeous, but she’s cute. She looks tough and acts tough which often times look fake when acted on screen. But for her, it all seemed natural.

Rui as a character seems a bit different to me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m used to MG’s Lei (haven’t read nor watched the manga/anime before). But is he really supposed to be that… chatty? And jolly? He talks a lot and he laughs out loud. It weirds me out a little. I liked Lei’s air of mystery and his silent support to Sanchai. I’ve nothing much to say on the actor, really. Just the character he played.

hyd3_small.JPG Throughout the series, I found myself rooting for Doumyouji instead of Rui. This is a surprise since I’ve always been an avid Lei/Rui supporter during the MG craze. I never saw the appeal of the immature and short-tempered Doumyouji then. In HYD, I managed to see what made Doumyouji appealing to Tsukushi and others. It could also be because of how the role was acted.

Last, I just have to mention this… I love, love, love the relationship Doumyouji has with his sister (Tsubaki). They showed how much he looks up to his sister, which is adorable. Considering how rough he is to others, he becomes a little brother when dealing with his sister =)

Disclaimer: I don’t want to start a HYD vs. MG war. Just to make it clear, I’ve nothing against MG. In fact, there was a period that I was obsessed with it. =)