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I’ve started watching this new Korean drama series, “Sassy Girl, Chun Hyang”. I think I’m now at episode 4. Had to stop ‘coz real life is calling… hehehe.. So far, the drama’s keeping my interest. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me feel. I thought I’ll never be able to appreciate any other drama after My Girl.

Although, it having the same director as My Girl could possibly be a factor also =D



Has My Girl spoiled me for other drama series?Hotelier is another drama that didn’t pass the test for me. From the start, it didn’t give me that “must watch next chapter” feeling. Instead, I have this “when will this episode end” running at the back of my mind. I didn’t find any interesting characters, and the only one remotely interesting for me is a Jackie Chan look-alike =(

I don’t feel like giving a synopsis, this these are the points that stood out:

1. Didn’t find the main characters appealing. I didn’t like Jin Yeoung ‘coz of her facial expressions. Didn’t like Dong Hyuk ‘coz how could an American-raised person have a very bad English accent? Couldn’t they have at least worked on that? And they have zero chemistry. Gosh, watching their scenes is like rubbing two wet wood, praying for a spark. *sigh*

2. The interesting character for me is the secondary character and he looks like Jackie Chan.. so much for the kilig factor

3. Forced myself to watch because of Song Hye Kyo of Full House (I’ve yet to do a blog on that)

4. Watching a 1-hr episode felt like hours.

5. It felt sooo predictable. The CEO starts coughing — oh, she has cancer. Estranged father said he gave away a daughter for adoption in America — huh, let me see, daughter from America you say? How convenient is it that I know of a girl from America in this story as well? The only thing I cannot predict was who will the housekeeping manager end up with =)

I feel like I’m being too harsh. I dunno, maybe I should just watch My Girl over and over and over again… problem is, I loaned the DVD to some friends… well.. on to the next drama!

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Dunno if it’s because I watched it right after “My Girl” but after reading so much hype about My Lovely Sam Soon, I got disappointed with the story.  I must admit, the overall concept is nice.. and the show has it’s moments but.. *sigh*

Ok, the story is about a 30-something, ordinary looking Sam Soon, who just got dumped in public.  She got hired as a patissier and a pretend-gf by the rich and handsome, Jin Hun.  Love triumphs over beauty as Jin Hun chooses Sam Soon despite his mother’s objections and the fact that his perfect ex-gf wants him back.  Seems like an ideal cinderella story, right?  The formula for a romantic comedy are there.. it clicked with everybody else.. why not me? =( *double-sigh* let me count the ways..

1. Sam Soon is really not supposed to be instantly attractive, I get that.  But is she supposed to come out so unrefined?  It’s the small things, chewing with the mouth opened, being so disagreeable, walking with no poise at all..

2. Jin Hun – he can’t seem to make up his mind.  He likes Sam Soon – he likes the ex – he’s sure he likes Sam Soon but he’d have to do this for his ex though it hurts Sam Soon.  The hell?!?  Poor Sam Soon. =(

3. The EX – she’s depicted to be the perfect girl.. and she originally left as a sacrifice to Jin Hun because of her love for him.  Does she deserve to be cast aside?  Hmmm?  Does Sam Soon deserve to get the guy more than her?  Hmmmm..  So sad.  Probably I should watch it one more time.  Give it one more chance?  We’ll see..

A 16-episode drama finished in 5 nights… talk about addictive. =)

Well, this story revolves around two interesting characters bound together by a lie. There is Yoo-rin, an expert fibber that you cannot help but love. And Gong-chan, he’s stuffy, righteous, rich and oh so handsome (fan-girl squeal!).

I haven’t watched lots of korean drama but I’m guessing this will stay on my top 5 lists. It is not a ‘hit you with a mallet” love story. The characters fall in love with each other gradually you don’t even notice it. It’s such a feel good story, with just the right amount of drama to give you an occasional cry =) **sigh** Hope there are more than 16 episodes of this.

And might I say, Gong-chan is one drool-worthy lead.. *squeal!* heh.. =)