oc_big.jpgHeh!Season 1 of the OC was one of the best tv show of all time. There is the adorkable Seth, the bitchy Summer and the tortured soul Ryan. (I’ll just leave out wooden Marissa if you don’t mind).Also, there are the best ‘rents ever, Sandy and Kirsten.Season 2 gave us a whiny Cohen, an alcoholic Kirsten, an almost adulterous Sandy and Ryan’s drama got tiring. Though, Summer’s still cool.Season 3 I wouldn’t know. I’ve stopped watching. Though I know they killed of the wood at season finale. Which lured me back to watching season 4.And my show’s back! Wow! I’ve no complaints yet so far. And I’m back to being totally in love with it again.Seth’s back to being adorable. Dorky? not so much.Summer’s still cool.Ryan started off being the tortured soul still (bleh!) But him in a wifebeater? No complaints here =)Sandy and Kirsten’s back to being the best tv parents!Julie and mini-Julie.. most believable mother-daughter tandem.And.. Taylor! How can I say this without gushing! I love her! Best character in a long, long time!Welcome back O.C.!

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