Ok. Here’s my list of heart-stopping, breath-hitching, heart jump up your throat tv moments. Mostly, scenes from my favorite couples.

1. Logan Echolls & Veronica Mars (Weapons of Class Destruction)

Nepture Grand scene – started with a ‘thank you for saving me’ peck on the cheek.. that turned into a 360 degree view of a full-blown make out scene!

I got me transfixed.. then after that scene, had to rewind back and watch again.. and again.. and again.. I switch on the sound, switch it off, on again.. I was totally captivated.

2. Ryan Atwood & Taylor Townsend (Metamorphosis)

It’s all supposed to be pretend. But I can totally understand Taylor when she fell for that kiss.

Scene: She was pleading with her husband’s divorce lawyer to grant her the divorce. Suddenly, Ryan comes in pretending to be her lover and plants the sweetest kiss on her. To complete the moment, Ryan taps her nose twice after the kiss before letting her go.

**sigh** Won’t get tired of watching that one. Taylor’s expression after mirrors what I felt after watching them.

So now, I’m obsessed.

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