laley_small.jpgOne thing that I really loved about this show is the friendship between Haley and Lucas. (We’ll aside from the fact that those two boys are sweet, sweet eye-candies.. heh! =) )Season 1 had shown that friendship quite well. After that, there more of like strangers. Which kinda made the show lose its magic for me.But in this last episode (Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye), when Haley got hit by a car (I know.. huh!? corny!), then Lucas was freaking out and had a heart attack ( hahaha.. hihi.. so cheezy.. supposed to be dramatic but.. )Well, the story line was just so overly dramatic that I found it funny. But that’s beside the point. I found it sweet that Lucas was so concerned and was freaking out that he suffered a cardiac arrest. Morbid I know, but it just showed how much he cared for Haley.

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