Dunno if it’s because I watched it right after “My Girl” but after reading so much hype about My Lovely Sam Soon, I got disappointed with the story.  I must admit, the overall concept is nice.. and the show has it’s moments but.. *sigh*

Ok, the story is about a 30-something, ordinary looking Sam Soon, who just got dumped in public.  She got hired as a patissier and a pretend-gf by the rich and handsome, Jin Hun.  Love triumphs over beauty as Jin Hun chooses Sam Soon despite his mother’s objections and the fact that his perfect ex-gf wants him back.  Seems like an ideal cinderella story, right?  The formula for a romantic comedy are there.. it clicked with everybody else.. why not me? =( *double-sigh* let me count the ways..

1. Sam Soon is really not supposed to be instantly attractive, I get that.  But is she supposed to come out so unrefined?  It’s the small things, chewing with the mouth opened, being so disagreeable, walking with no poise at all..

2. Jin Hun – he can’t seem to make up his mind.  He likes Sam Soon – he likes the ex – he’s sure he likes Sam Soon but he’d have to do this for his ex though it hurts Sam Soon.  The hell?!?  Poor Sam Soon. =(

3. The EX – she’s depicted to be the perfect girl.. and she originally left as a sacrifice to Jin Hun because of her love for him.  Does she deserve to be cast aside?  Hmmm?  Does Sam Soon deserve to get the guy more than her?  Hmmmm..  So sad.  Probably I should watch it one more time.  Give it one more chance?  We’ll see..

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