Not exactly an original topic but after watching a couple of korean dramas, I felt I have to make a list of my own.

So what makes a korean drama?

  • the two main characters hates each others guts in the first part of the series
  • somehow, they end up drafting a contract that would require them to be a pretend couple, or have an arranged / force marriage
  • rich guy – poor girl combination
  • there’s always a love square
  • there will be a karaoke mention / scene
  • there will be a soju drinking session
  • a piggyback ride is a must
  • a sudden u-turn while driving
  • the supporting actor is the caring, thoughtful, supportive guy that would make you root for him instead of the main lead.
  • while the main actor is arrogant, rude, selfish, self-absorbed, etc. Until he slowly changes ‘coz of the main actress’ influence.
  • one of the main lead gets fever / cold /cough
  • out of town scene (either vacation or visiting friends or business trip, etc.)
  • hand-grabbing scene –> girl walks away, guy grabs girls hand, two stare at each other, if they’re lucky, they kiss =)
  • the uncomfortable elevator scene..
  • running around airports / bus terminals but they end up missing each other

Soooo long. But I’ll probably add on to it later on. I’m sure I missed a few more things =)

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