One of the most intelligent shows I’ve watched in a long time. The attention to detail is remarkable. The story for each episode are all fascinating. And the character growth of the main characters are sooo great!

I’m really obsessed with this show. And I’m sooo obsessed with Logan Echolls’ character. Initially, he’s the typical out-of-the-box jackass you normally see on any show. Then he became the character you really love to hate. Then the onion of the show, the one with all the layers to it. Then you’d start feeling sorry for him, then love him, then back to not understanding his motivations, then back to liking him. Well.. he’s a very complex character. It also helps that the actor playing Logan is one hell of an actor.

As I’ve said… I’m obsessed with Logan Echolls. =)

Though it’s not just him that made Veronica Mars one of the greatest shows this season. It’s everything about this show, the storyline, the acting, the twists-and-turns. It’s just written so intelligently. I’m just so in love with this show. I’m sure if you watch it you’ll agree with me. =)

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