New TW drama for me.  I actually haven’t finished it yet, but better to write my thoughts now before I forget them.

Premise is good.  Different from usual scenario where the villain/s are all vying for money and power.  In this case, the four dukes are all refusing to be the successor of a very large empire.

The heroine is not a cry-baby.  Not really having a lot of problems with people really.  Her obstacles are more of situations…

They had their happy ending in the middle of the series, so you know there is still something to come.

I really liked it until it has reached the latter part.  The grandpa and his loyal butler has suddenly become a caricature.   The scenes became so silly, I started fast-forwarding through them.  I think they meant it to be over-the-top silly.. but really, I felt like I was watching a very bad comedy.

Of course, the person that catches my eye is the secondary character.  I’m always a sucker for guys that are charming and attentive, which is what Cui is.  =)

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