Just a day after finishing the drama, I’m already missing Gang Taebong.

I really can’t tell what makes a drama good for me but this one is.

Dal Ja’s Spring is a story of a 33-year old single lady (of course considered almost a spinster in any drama).  She’s successful in her career and satisfied with her life, except that, by some antiquated standard.. she’s not supposed to feel complete ‘coz she’s not married.  She’s a romantic at heart and dreams of the perfect loves and prince charmings.

On the other end is Taebong. 26-year old and world-wise, esp. when it comes to women and romancing them.  The two met, and as per typical drama, they have an arrangement of Taebong being the pretend boyfriend in exchange for a fee.  Of course, the two fell in love eventually, but have hurdles to overcome — yadda, yadda, yadda… Don’t want to go into the details of the story itself.  I think the plot is predictable, but again, the execution and, I think, the rapport and delivery of the main characters is what made this drama engaging.

I love Gang Taebong.  I love that eventhough Dal Ja is 6-yrs older, he’s the more mature one in the relationship.  But  what puzzles me about Taebong is no matter how great a smooth-talker he is and how often he coaches Dal Ja on how a girl should react to a certain love situation, when it comes to applying it himself, he doesn’t seem to get it.  He knows what goes on inside a woman’s head but the simplest things, he overlooks.  Like, him and Dal Ja reaching a certain level of seriousness in their relationship, but he still hasn’t said “I love you to her”.  He shows it in his actions, but he should know that a girl needs to hear the words.

And when he hasn’t told Dal Ja that when he went back to his law firm, he’ll be working with his ex-gf that Dal Ja’s insecure about.  And that the case he’s working on is related to her company.  It’s not like she’ll never find out.  He just let Dal Ja find out about it with the rest of her office collegues.  1 simple rule I think in a relationship is if it involves an ex, tell your girl ASAP.  And don’t let her find out by accident or along with others.  It just raises the insecurity factor.

Well.. at least his flaws made the drama more interesting :)

Now, on to the aesthetics part :)   Lee Min-Ki as Taebong is such an eye candy.  Hee!  And for an aspiring artist (that can’t draw) like myself, the illustrations on every episode is a feast to my eye.  I simply love it.




Oh, and just to add.. the antagonists here are irritating and freaky.

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